Lawn Types



Kikuyu instant lawn is most commonly used in residential and commercial applications. This instant grass requires full sun to flourish and is used in high traffic areas; it's a fast growing foreign lawn.


Berea instant lawn is indigenous to South Africa and is also known as LM lawn. It grows in partly shade areas and full sun, it is used in low traffic areas, and more shade tolerant than the Kikuyu and Buffalo.

Soil preparation
  • Spray a weed killer to remove all existing lawn and weeds, wait 7 days to ensure it worked properly. (Please follow the instruction carefully.)
  • Remove any foreign objects.
  • Apply compost or topsoil if necessary, make sure area is levelled properly.
  • Water area and let it rest for about 2 days, level area again where necessary.
  • Contact us to deliver or lay your new instant roll on lawn.